Corrugated pipe from the LION company is reliable protection for heating and water supply systems.

The LION company, a Ukrainian manufacturer of components for heating, water supply and sewage systems, recommends using Corrugated Tube as a reliable insulation for water supply and heating systems.

This type of pipe is made of high-quality material: high- and low-pressure polyethylene are mixed in special proportions on modern equipment. Only high-quality dye is used in the production of the sleeve. The nominal outer diameter of corrugated pipes of annular section is from 22 mm. The thickness of the pipe walls is 0.5 mm. The materials from which the product is made do not have a harmful effect on humans and the environment. Special precautions are not required when working with plastic.

The main and indisputable advantage of the corrugated pipe from the LION company is its high quality. In the production of sleeves, only high-quality primary raw materials are used. This allows you to store products at a temperature of up to -30 ° C. At the same time, there are no cracks or mechanical damage on the sleeve and, at the same time, all technical characteristics are preserved.

The corrugated sleeve is used to protect water pipes from mechanical damage during internal installation and will protect the outer surface of the pipe from the chemical influence of cement / concrete, and also performs a compensatory function when the pipe expands.<br> pipes are corrugated from low-pressure polyethylene – this is the so-called “sheath”, which provides a reduction in damage in case of leakage, and also allows easy replacement of the pipe. Such laying of pipes (pipe in a pipe), when pulling metal-plastic polyethylene pipes in monolithic structures, allows to ensure free temperature fluctuations of the length of the pipe and, what is very important, to replace HDP pipes as quickly as possible without complex disassembly of monolithic structures.

The protective corrugated pipe, due to greater flexibility and lightness, is much more convenient to use for installation of any systems: water supply, both cold and hot, sewage, heating.

Among the main advantages of the corrugated pipe from the LION company:

– resistant to temperature: the range of working temperatures from -20 ° C to + 100 ° C

– the pipe is not prone to corrosion;

– durability – the service life of a corrugated tube is 50 years;

– flexibility and resistance to deformation;

The corrugated pipe from the LION company undergoes mandatory strength testing: the deformation of the sleeve does not exceed 10% of the outer initial diameter.

By choosing to cooperate with LION, you find not only a reliable and conscientious partner, but also great opportunities for the growth of your business.