Metal clamp with vibration damper, used for fastening pipes of engineering networks of communications.

A bracket for mounting all types of radiators (steel, aluminum, bimetallic and cast iron), there are options for wall mounting and floor installation.

The bracket for mounting the expansion tank is intended for wall mounting of the hydraulic accumulator or the expansion tank of the heating and water supply system.

Futorkas are designed for connecting aluminum and bimetallic sectional radiators to the heating system.

a key for twisting radiators is necessary when setting the required number of sections (bimetallic or aluminum) into one radiator panel with the required heat output, the number of radiators required for heating.

The plastic clamp is used to fasten sewer pipes with a diameter of 110, 50 and 32 mm.

The plastic hook is used for quick installation of pipes from 16 to 32 diameter to hard surfaces.

The clip is designed for reliable fixation of polymer pipes with a diameter of 16 to 32 mm (polypropylene, metal-plastic and corrugated pipes) on the surface to avoid vibrations and deformations.

This group of products includes: washbasin attachment, toilet attachment to the floor (conventional and side), boiler attachment and universal stainless steel toilet lid attachment.